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1st September 2015 ....
Olivers Own Winter Pansies - premium bedding and container plants offering long-lasting colour and outstanding value for money at only 5.99 for 20 plants.
20th September 2015 ....
Olivers Offers!  Save money on lawn care this autumn. Evergreen Autumn 2in1 strengthens grass roots and kills moss. Apply now to protect your lawn through winter and for thicker grass next spring:
360 sq m bag only 19.99 (RRP 24.99, save 5)
100 sq m spreader only 8.99 (RRP 10.99, save 2)
100 sq m refill only 6.99 (RRP 9.99, save 3)
8th September 2015 ....
Beautiful Japanese Anemones give a welcome boost of late colour to your garden. Hardy and easy to grow, with white or pink flowers, Japanese Anemones are happy in sun or part shade and last for years.
28th September 2015 ....
Keep feeding the birds, they need dependable food sources during autumn to maintain energy levels for survival.
In the news this week is a survey showing that reliable supplies of garden food in Britain are encouraging blackcaps - winter visitors from Central Europe - to stay here longer.  Choose from our extensive selection of bird food, including a range of seeds, nuts, fats and mealworms to keep up the good work! Bird feeders and drinkers, bird tables and bird baths are also available.
25th September 2015 ....
Winter and summer flowering heathers provide good ground cover with colourful foliage and blooms. Plant in sun or shade, in groups of three for best effect, remembering that callunas (summer flowering) need ericaceous compost, while ericas (winter flowering) will grow in any soil.
30th September 2015 ....
Evergreen azaleas bring a brilliant array of blooms to your garden, with attractive evergreen foliage. Plant now, in light shade, using ericaceous compost, for dazzling displays next spring.
1st October 2015 ....
New season's bush and climbing roses, cut back and de-leafed, are in stock and ready for planting in your garden this autumn.